Hāliu: Volume Three (Digital Album)

Hāliu: Volume Three (Digital Album)

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Our newest collection of classic Hawaiian songs!  Available only on kupaoa.com and from us at live performances!  Each CD includes a detailed booklet with song lyrics, translations and sources for each song. 

Download mp3s (192kbps) of the full album in one convenient Zip file. After you order, you'll receive a confirmation email along with a download link.

"In early 2015 Kūpaoa had a break in our travel schedule, so we did what anyone who flies around the world for work would do, we went home. We recently moved to Kīlauea, Kauaʻi (a homecoming for Kellen, but a new place for me), and from late January to early March, we spent nearly 6 weeks at home. It was the longest stretch we’ve spent in Kīlauea together (probably the longest we’ve been in one place in years!), and we loved every minute of it. And though we made sure to enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation with family and friends, we also took this time to record.

This album, Hāliu: Volume 3 is a little departure from our all-Hawaiian Hāliu Volumes 1 and 2 because half of this collection of songs is in English. Hapa Haole and Island music have also greatly influenced our musical style and with this project, we pay tribute to those genres. As we look back at some of our favorite songs, we invite you to hāliu as well. Maybe some of these oldies will bring back some fond memories for you too."

Track List

  1. Puʻuanahulu
  2. He Aloha Mele
  3. Ahi Wela
  4. I Ka Pō Me Ke Ao
  5. E Nihi Ka Hele
  6. Paniolo Country
  7. Ua Noho Au A Kupa
  8. Hawaiian Rainbow
  9. Keʻanae
  10. Maui Girl