Haliu: Volume One (Digital Album)

Haliu: Volume One (Digital Album)

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A brand new Kūpaoa album, available EXCLUSIVELY through kupaoa.com and at all Kūpaoa live gigs! From the liner notes: 

"As Kūpaoa, we have made a determined effort to contribute to growing the genre of Hawaiian music by recording original songs, either from our own hearts or from the minds of our talented contemporaries.  Many of these new compositions have come to life through hula created by our dedicated colleagues known collectively as Ke ʻAla Aumoe, (Frank, Eleena, Puni and Reid), or other hula choreographers inspired by our mele.  While we dearly love the new music we have put forth as Kupaoa, we have a special place in our hearts for all of the songs that we consider more traditional mele, older songs whose poetry has been expressed by dancers for generations. This unreleased album is but a temporary departure from the mission that we’ve worked so hard to define with the selection of music on our albums, Pili O Ke Ao, and English Rose.  Available exclusively though us, this new collection of treasured works represents our attempt to hāliu, to turn and acknowledge the noteworthy efforts of those who came before us.  With this album, we hope to honor the work of those who’ve laid the foundation for Hawaiian music today.  We know our original music is appreciated…but so many of you keep requesting the old songs!  For all of you who have begged us to record traditional mele in our Kūpaoa style, this is for you."  

Download mp3s (192kbps) of the full album in one convenient Zip file. After you order, you'll receive a confirmation email along with a download link.

Track List: 

  1. 'Ainahau 
  2. Green Rose Hula 
  3. Wai'anae Medley: Aloha 'Ia 'O Wai'anae/He Aloha No 'O Wai'anae 
  4. Me Ka Nani A'o Kaupo 
  5. Nani 
  6. Sassy 
  7. 'Alekoki 
  8. Aloha Tower 
  9. Laimana 
  10. A Kona Hema 
  11. Paniau 
  12. Firemen's Hula 
  13. Pua O Ka Makahala 
  14. Tewetewe 
  15. Na Hoa He'e Nalu