Hoʻokele CD

Hoʻokele CD

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Kūpaoa's newest store release is here! A collection of 13 songs, 6 of them new compositions and 7 remakes of old favorites. Each CD is accompanied by a full color booklet with lyrics, translations and notes about each song. Here's an excerpt from the liner notes:

"Hoʻokele ke aloha - Love guides the way, isn't it the truth? Many forces nudge or guide us through our lives, and most of them are connected to love - love of something we pursue, appreciation for something or someone that draws us in their direction, or care and respect for someone whose guidance or perspective we heed. It is all different aspects of aloha.

         There is much to love in this new assembly of songs selected, performed and sometimes composed by Kellen and Līhau Paik of Kūpaoa - "Permeating Fragrance," whose melodies and renditions have become a favored and beloved "bouquet" perfuming the landscape of Hawaiian music today. Few of the songs in this collection will be immediately familiar, as some are drawn from little-known archives and others are new creations. But they will quickly become new and steady favorites. Each song will lead the listener in new directions - through a love story, into a colorful setting or along a trail of reflection or anticipation.

         Songs about Water Lily, Lehua and Mokihana offer tales of love, whether uncertain, passionate or dear, while Hōkū Welowelo, Hāʻena and Nani Nā Pua paint pictures we can easily imagine and enjoy. Ka Pua Kōkala urges romantic caution, while Ka Hoʻokele honors the love embodied in mentorship and guidance. But aside from content, these songs themselves are guides. The art of the poetry and music, both old and fresh, are the models that frame how we all understand Hawaiian thought and expression. These songs, and the many, many others that they represent, guide how we make and enjoy music, today and in the future. Kūpaoa weaves together these hand-picked selections and takes us on a journey - Hoʻokele - Lead on!"